Barry Switzer’s Coaches Cabana
Founded by former Dallas Cowboys super bowl winning head coach, Barry Switzer’s Coaches Cabana is a second screen sports experience that features live commentary by iconic football coaches during live college football games.
Live streaming platforms currently on the market typically deliver video streams with a latency up to 30 seconds. In a second stream experience, it is critical to stream college football game commentary in real-time with the TV broadcast. Every second count and in sports, 30 seconds is enough time for the game to change and sports fans wouldn’t want to watch commentary that is a play or two behind the live TV broadcast.

Using VydeoCorp’s live video CDN technology platform, Coaches Cabana is able to stream in real-time with sub-second latency to users on TV, Internet, Mobile and Social Media. In addition, Barry and his Coaches are able to interact with fans live over video chat during the game with VydeoCorp’s “FaceTime” broadcast technology.

Barry Switzer and the other coaches of Coaches Cabana were impressed with the low latency of their live broadcasts. Coaches Cabana’s viewership numbers grew when they switched from their previous live broadcast provider to VydeoCorp’s platform. Now sports fans can watch the football game and listen to Coaches Cabana’s commentary as the game unfolds, in real-time.

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