The IAm App
The IAm App is a celebrity mobile app developer that has built personalized apps for 200 celebrities. The app integrates the celebrity’s existing social media feeds into one app. Users have the ability to comment, follow each other, share on social media, and build on the celebrity’s community. Celebrities drive engagement directly on their social media from inside their own app.
Pain Point / Challenge
 Social media allows celebrities to connect with their fans by sharing updates and photos. Fans follow their favorite celebrities because they want to know what they are doing and learn about their lives. However, social media isn’t always authentic. The IAm App wanted to add a feature on their apps that helps celebrities create an emotional connection with their fans.
In order to create the emotional connection between celebrities and fans, the IAm App integrated Vydeo’s mobile SDK into their apps, which enables celebrities to do live broadcasts and invite their fans to interact with, face-to-face. This video to video feature is important to the IAm App platform because it differentiates them from other live broadcast platforms.
Neil Patrick Harris, actor known for his role as Barney Stinson on the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, was the first celebrity to use the face-to-face broadcast feature on his IAm App.

One fan who NPH chose to interact with was left speechless because she was so excited to speak to him! With this feature, celebrities have the opportunity to engage with fans and get to know them.