Vydeo is a unique technology platform for celebrities, corporates, athletes, politicians, musicians, movie stars and influencers to video interact with users
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Live Vydeo CDN for synchronized celeb-fan interactions 
Vydeo's patent pending live vydeo CDN technology delivers dynamically transcoded, adaptive streams to any user in the world with less than 500 ms latency. 
From 100 Kbps to 2 Mbps 
The Vydeo platform comes with non-instrusive bandwidth checking for every device to adapt to changing mobile network conditions, with bi-directional videos synchronized to every frame.
"Green Room" Broadcast Experience
While a fan is interacting with influencer in real time, the entire "Face-to-Face" broadcast is time-shifted by 7 seconds to other fans in the session. 
Push-To-Video Floor Control
Select a user to interact from thousands of users in a brand-safe environment. Vydeo's push-to-video floor control technology gives the freedom for influencers to conduct abuse-free video interactions. 
Abuse-free Interactions
Celebrity taps block user icon

Abusive fan disconnected, banned for life!

Abusive fan-interaction deleted immediately

Abuse never lives on the internet

Celeb selects next fan to interact
Simulcast to Mobile and TV
Simulcast mobile interactions between influencers and users to TV. Bring users to participate on live TV debates, with zero abuse. 
In-broadcast Video Ads
The Vydeo platform creates 10 sec video ad spot before every user interaction.
Sell premium video inventory to your advertisers.
Choice of User Selection Algorithms
Most Voted
video questions
Users in Geo-fenced area
"First to tap"
​list of users
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