Vydeo is a unique technology platform and SDK for mobile apps to bring abuse-free user interactions into live broadcasts
Vydeo Solution Architecture
Patent-Pending Live Video Protocol
HLS: Ideal for VOD. Induces several seconds latency into live streams due to chunking nature of HTTP protocol.

WebRTC: Ideal for limited number of concurrent live users. Dynamic transcoding and federated live CDN are big impediments for high volume broadcasts.

Vydeo: Patent pending protocol that “tunnels” video frames over HTTP with sub-second latency. Global CDN built on top of Virtual Machine architecture is ideal for low-cost, low-latency broadcasts.
From 100 Kbps to 2 Mbps 
While a user is interacting with host in real time, the entire "Face-to-Face" broadcast is time-shifted by 7 seconds to other users in the session. 
Abuse-free Interactions
Host taps block user icon

Abusive fan disconnected, banned for life!

Abusive fan-interaction deleted immediately

Abuse never lives on the internet

TV Producer selects next fan to interact
Reach Your Audience On All Channels
Monetize With In-Stream Video Ads
The Vydeo platform creates 10 sec video ad spot before every user interaction.
Sell premium video inventory to your advertisers.
Choice of User Selection Algorithms
Most Voted
video questions
Users in Geo-fenced area
"First to tap"
​list of users