TV Networks 
Bring users into TV shows
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Simulcast to mobile and TV
Vydeo offers low footprint mobile SDKs on iOS and Android for TV Networks to simulcast live TalkShow with users on mobile and TV.
In-broadcast Video Ads
The Vydeo platform creates 10 sec video ad spot before every user interaction.
Sell premium video inventory to your advertisers.
Banefits for TV Networks
Patent pending push-to-video floor control technology for abuse-free “FaceTime” interaction with fans, one at a time
10-second delay introduced in live broadcast to other fans, when celebrity is interacting with a fan
Celebrity can block immediately if user gets abusive. The fan interaction is deleted immediately from live broadcast
Proprietary Live Video CDN for synchronized, multi-stream video broadcast to millions of fans
Monetize with in-broadcast video ads before every user interaction.
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