Welcome to Vydeo SDK
The Vydeo SDK consists of different modules that are organized by functionality. Each module includes an API and provides access to the software libraries supported natively by Vydeo SDK. You use these interfaces (APIs) in the Objective-C and Android programming languages to enhance your app with Face Time broadcast technology.
SDK Initialization
App entry point for Vydeo SDK.
API for user authentication via social networks, email or Cisco Spark
User Management
User information and data management
Session Management
Schedule / Join / Start Vydeo session per user access permissions
API for Session types, Live-Live, Live–Recorded, Geo-Fenced etc.
API for session, question and upvote sharing on social networks, Email,SMS etc
Notifies users of upcoming sessions, user upvoting, sharing and replays.
Callback and other interfaces needed throughout the app.

SDK Integration Workflow
Get the SDK