Monetize your live streams

In-Stream Video Chat. 100% Abuse-Free.

Bring Viewers Into Live Conversations
Live Townhalls
​Video Q&A 

Make users part of your TV show. Prescreen users before putting them on air.
Invite prerecorded video questions from users. TV Host answers selected questions during program segment.
Be the first to get the breaking news feed. Instant live video from your reporters or citizens on the spot.
As Easy As 1,2,3
Pre-screen and select the right user to interact with the Host
Bring abuse-free video chat into your live streams
High CPM video ad revenue for your live streams
On The Spot
Newscasting vs. Crowdcasting: Which is Better?
Social Video on TV — Real Time Streaming to Live Audiences
Social Video is the Future of Broadcast Media
When was the last time that you had your voice heard? Maybe on the phone with your friend, or talking to your child or even your dog…
Watching television isn’t just watching television anymore —Viewers are usually on their smartphones scrolling through social media while…
We like to be aware of events happening in the world around us and following everyday news is an activity that allows us to do just that…
TV isn’t just that box in the living room anymore. Srini Dharmaji wants every member of the broadcast TV industry’s C-Suite to fully understand this. That’s why he’s developed a platform that brings power to the people in new and exciting ways — and live TV is poised to capitalize on the launch of Vydeo.